The trip

Because a picture is better than words, here’s a glimpse of our journey ahead. We will send by boat the motorcycles to Montreal and we will join them in flight, scheduled departure: June 8, 2014!

The motorcycles

We’ll start with our current motorcycles, BMW 800GS for Chris and SUZUKI DL650 for Tibo. The question of the motorcycle has been debated over and over again: we change or not, KTM / BMW / KLR … The voice of reason (and wallet) spoke and we finally opted for the status quo … finally almost. Tibo has indeed changed his old DL 2005 (75.000 kms), for DL 2007 with 11,000 kms.

By June 2014, the equipment of our bikes may change considerably. Not limited to, we’ll have to equip our bikes with panniers, bags waterproof travel, protection and various accessories to make the travel safe.


  1. Salut les baroudeurs!!! Un petit coucou de Monaco, j’ai une question de bickers, avez vous rencontrés des baroudeuses ? Bizs

  2. Salut les touristes, J’aurais besoin d’un service. Sur le plan du voyage, je vois que vous allez passer près de Santiago du Chili. Pouvez vous vous renseigner sur la pharmacie de garde. Je ne sais plus si c’est Lopez ou Gomez qui sera de garde le WE prochain. Bisous et amusez vous bien. Valéry

  3. all right au canada je vous suis à la roue bises B.P.

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